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Cube studio

Virtual events bring a
professional production for your events.

  • Complete preparation of hybrid events
  • Professional technique
  • Studio Design, 2D, 3D graphics, animations
  • Reliable team
  • More than 18 years of experience in the industry
Our services have already been used by

Visual effects.
Real experiences.

Hybrid events

Simultaneously equipped studios and team of experienced experts.
Active tracking of conferences from home
Live connection to virtual studios
Backing up streaming data
Video calls using IP protocol
Emphasis on audiovisual quality
Easy to connect with social networks
Hygienically treated against the spread of Covid-19
Possibility of disinfection the area with ozone
Hybrid events

Creativity without limits

We prepare a complex virtual environment, effective animations, and dynamic elements. We produce
3D elements
Professional animation
Eye-catching audio elements
3D event visualization for project planning
Creativity without limits

Experiences and entertainment

We involve the guests of the stream in the game, so they are not just passive spectators.
Audience involvement
Online tasting, unwrapping a gift
Prize competitions
Experiences and entertainment

Reliable team

All events are provided by a perfectly coordinated team of technicians, cameramen, graphic designers, and producers.
Sound engineers
Lighting electricians
Video technicians
Makeup artists
Professional catering
Reliable team

Youtube, Zoom, MS Teams…

We insert streams into the usual platforms, such as Youtube, Vimeo, we can address them to our own portals and domains.
Realtime response to voting or Q&A
Realtime evaluation of speakers
Simultaneous translation
Youtube, Zoom, MS Teams…

Complete production service and online studio
We master the technology of Online events and Hybrid events .

Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
Virtual  meeting
MC Donald Virtual  meeting


We are looking for a suitable space for an online conference, can you advise us?
Is it possible to display graphs and videos during an online presentation?
Is it possible to ask the speakers questions?
Can conversations be pre-recorded, for example, due to a different time zone?
Can we add entertainment elements to our conference to keep our clients on screen?
Our colleagues are not used to talking on camera. What with this?
Is it possible to contact colleagues at their home office or abroad at an online event?
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We have already made hundreds of events in a corporate environment and we have been on the market for more than 18 years.

We are a well-coordinated team of professionals in event production. We have extensive experience with live streaming, online broadcasts from corporate and social events.

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